Research Services

It used to take months to get the research and analysis necessary to inform marketing decisions. Today the same insights can be achieved in as little as 30-60 days. Red House offers a wide range of services to help our clients make more intelligent decisions with a higher level of accuracy.

Programs we offer include:

  • Message testing to improve response rates and conversions
  • Poll/opinion studies to gain real time perceptions
  • Base content development such as topical research and validation
  • Brand audit/product awareness studies to inform marketing goals
  • Persona development research to improve targeting and segmentation

Our three most requested research programs:

Brand or Product  Audit
Content Research
Buyer Personas

Brand or Product Audit

Do you want to know where your brand stands, where you need to be, and what buyers really think of your solution? Then this is the program for you. A brand audit delivers the key insights necessary to clearly understand your current position in the market and allows you to determine how far you have to go to achieving and maintaining top-three status.

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Content Research

If you need trusted, credible material from which to develop your marketing materials, a customized content study may be what you need.

You’ll get reliable, defensible insights into the markets you need, including product or behavioral preferences and any other inputs that will help bolster the credibility of your content.

You can also develop it as “third party” research under the Red House Research brand. Click here to see an example report.

Buyer Personas

If you know your buyer but you’d like to get to know them better, persona development is one of the best studies to help you gain the critical insight that informs relevant, memorable creative. We can execute highly customized buyer and content persona programs to get to the heart of the buyer, or buying group, that can have the greatest impact on your purchase.