Customer experience should be a major consideration when creating your marketing plan this year. Clients have more access to resources than ever to use for comparing benefits, costs, and features. Here are some of the techniques that stood out to us as great methods to improve customer experience and set your business above the rest:

  • Make user experience consistent across channels: Many businesses fall into a segmented marketing experience where brand guidelines and customer experience differ from channel to channel. Make a concentrated effort for consistency and your clients will notice. 
  • Connect with and court repeat business: Combining personalized marketing efforts with strong brand messaging makes account-based marketing a highly effective strategy to increase sales and build relationships with new clients. 
  • Get strategic about data measurement and when to bring it into the fold: Our strategy has always been to bring data and analysis in as early as possible. The sooner you can see the data on how your clients are interacting with your marketing efforts, the sooner you can optimize your campaign to increase your strategic KPIs and guide clients further down the sales funnel.

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