Ensuring you keep up with—and even stay ahead of—the technology curve will be necessary to remain relevant in your industry. How does a CIO’s role fit into this?

The CIO’s role, by nature, is to be the biggest advocate for using technology to improve customers’ and employees’ experiences. Developing technologies and infrastructure around it is one key piece; driving the cultural shift to support it is another. 

For CIOs, these are three things to keep in mind:

1. Deploying Empathy to IT.
Ensure there is an understanding of how IT has to balance running  existing systems with building out new features.

2. From Order-Takers to Transformation-Enablers.
Change the outlook of your department from “order takers” to a team that is an empowered part of the company with a voice to enact change.

3. Preparing for the Future of IT.
Today’s CIOs should be able to teach and influence their peers on how to not only understand new technologies, but how the CIO can best enable the business to thrive.


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