Beyond Programmatic Marketing: Metric-Driven Optimization


Our client is a global provider of market, industry and technical expertise that helps organizations make strategic decisions; from day-to-day operations to long-term investments. With solutions for 16 industries, and 12 functional roles, and 30+ acquisitions in the last 5 years, their marketing efforts became siloed & required too much time to develop and execute.


Rather than trying to revolutionize the entire organization’s online marketing process at one time, we chose an evolution that began with a focus on a single audience group. We helped them develop a three-phase pilot program as a test and model for future campaigns.

We began by developing and testing messaging tailored to each of the 5 segments within the audience group. The message tests showed strong interest in various topics, and based on the results, we developed an integrated online campaign that included vertical specific microsites, email and online advertising. Upon completion of phase one, we measured clicks to closes for all companies and contacts, and made a few adjustments including vertical-specific assets, imagery, headlines and copy.


After completion of the first 3 phases of the pilot campaign, 50% of the lead goal for the audience group had been met. But more important were the improvements from phase one to phase two, including a 10x increase in form conversions, an increase in MQLs from 533 to 1,583, and an increase in SQLs from 96 to 380.

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