Compelling Content Drives Meaningful Engagement


Our client is a leading national provider of patient access, financial navigation and revenue recovery solutions to healthcare providers and physician practices. While their in-house marketing team is capable of demand generation and nurturing, they didn’t have the time and resources to develop content that would drive meaningful engagement.


We began with an evaluation of consumption, usage and preference trends, as well as recommended content types by buying stage. From there, recommendations were made on content depth and type (prescriptive, foundational and benchmarking), third party validation and distribution (beyond email).

Then we began the first phase of assets to support their marketing programs, including infographics and whitepapers, as well as “hooks” for emails and webinar touchpoints. Assets supported campaign themes such as underinsured, transparency and “end-of-year planning”, and were customized to target titles and buyer’s journey.


The first round of assets will be launching soon, and results will be updated as we receive them.

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