Our client is a global diagnostic device and service provider, and their employer solutions include wellness, condition management and case management. They needed help with best practices for content marketing and demand generation initiatives, and since they lacked experience in these areas, they needed to determine benchmarks that would help guide future lead forecasting.


First, we analyzed their prospect list, and identified the 10% of contacts that met our desired title and company size. Then our creative team went to work, providing compelling, consistent imagery and a prominent call to action. We also shifted from broad messaging to a larger audience, to specific messaging to a smaller, targeted audience.

Then, we instituted a content marketing program, and our targeted titles were directed to a landing page to register for a “Healthy Workforce Webinar”. After the webinar, the attendees were sent a whitepaper with a similar topic.

Every measure of success outperformed the desired benchmarks because each campaign component appropriately aligned with the next. The right list, the right marketing mix and right offer worked together for a very successful campaign. If even one of those components isn’t on target, the whole program suffers.


Hundreds of marketing qualified leads were generated, exceeding our original estimates by more than 150 leads. Successful metrics included 17% email open rate, 11% email click-through rate, and a 38% landing page conversion. The program was also voted “CONTENT MARKETING GOLD WINNER” by the 2015 AVA Digital Awards.

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