Turning Data into Actionable Insights


Our client provides medical-surgical supplies and equipment to physicians, hospitals, home care agencies, long-term care and surgery centers. Their lines include 150,000 national brand products, from bandages to exam tables, plus their own line of high-quality medical-surgical products.

After their first year on a new marketing automation platform, they needed to understand performance against industry benchmarks and opportunities for improvement.


We conducted a performance analysis of hundreds of emails that represented millions of touches, and evaluated results against delivery, open, click and unsubscribe benchmarks. These metrics were evaluated by business segment, email type (rewards program, product promotion, educational content, news, etc.), date and time.

Various statistical methods were used to identify performance outliers and the relationship between deliveries and results such as opens, clicks and unsubscribes. Our methods included box and whisker plots and scatter plots combined with correlation coefficient lines, and to ensure our KPI data wasn’t skewed by small list sizes, we focused on send lists that exceeded a quantity of 500.


Once our analysis concluded, we made recommendations for additional exploration of top and bottom performers that identified trends and commonalities across subject lines, content, creative and offers/CTAs. We also recommended an A/B testing schedule of items that should be trialed to increase response rates.

Additional recommendations included securing sales data tied to emails and analysis for correspondence with email KPIs.

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